Last Update: Jan 17th, 2017

Orodragon ("we", "us", "Orodragon", "orodragon.com", "bgkingonline.com") provides "Backgammon King Online" (the "Software"/"Service"), an online backgammon game for mobiles and desktops, used for entertainment and fun. The game is targeted for any person above the age 13 that loves backgammon, and like to play with your friends and other people from all around the world.

As we are fully aware and respect the need of privacy of our users, we will describe, in this privacy policy document, what is the information we collect on our users, why we collect this information, and how we use it. This document allows you to make an informed decision whether to use or continue using our Service. By using our Service you agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree, please do not use our Service.


Identification & User Information

We offer two ways to login and play Backgammon King Online. The first one is by using an anonymous account (Guest account), and the second one is by a Facebook login. When you choose to login with a Guest account the Service generates a guest name (which will be used throughout the game) and authentication information that is stored on user's device (mobile device or browser). This information allows us authenticating the user in future login. Notice that when you choose to use Guest account, your authentication data might be lost and could not be recovered (e.g. when uninstalling the app).

When a user choose to login using his or her Facebook account, the Service asks Facebook to authenticate this user. The login is done in front of Facebook services and we do not have any control on this login process. After Facebook authenticates the user, it provides to our Service, user's ID and Access Token, which grants us permission to user's full-name, email and gender. Your public Facebook profile photo and name will be used as your photo and name in the game. Player's name and photo are displayed, for example, when playing against some opponent, and also in the game's leader-board, friends list, etc. The gender and email of a user are not disclosed. The gender is used for gender related decisions done internally by our Service, and email will be only used to recover user's account, if this will ever be needed, also we do not send users any email, unless a user contact us first by email.

The following collected information is relevant either to users who used Guest and Facebook account. When a user connects to our Service, we use user's IP to automatically assign a country for the user (e.g. www.maxmind.com is a service that match IP to country location). A user can change the country (but allowed to change only once) using game's settings or by contacting us via email. Notice that we neither store or link IP to user's account, also, we may use users IP for our internal server operational purpose.
We may collect user non-personal related information (e.g. mobile device name and version, browser name, etc.) for the purpose of internal statistics, research, maintenance and customer support. We also store and track user's game-related activities and personal statistics (games, wins & loses, chips earned, rank, position in leader-board, etc.), and we use this information to generate user's personal-statistics information (public) and for our own internal statistical and administrative purposes.
Our Service also use persistent system messages (e.g. a notification that a Facebook friend has joined the game, friend's game invitation, etc.). A message of a user is only retained until either the user has delete it or the message expires.



Log files Information

Our servers automatically log some information of our users activities (e.g. login-in, play requests, etc.). This information is used internally for our servers maintenance, research, statistics and customer support. For our in-game chat, any user can report on a bad or offensive language of the other party of the chat. In that case, we log the chat records for further actions that may be taken against the offensive side.



Third-party Advertiser

Currently, we don't have any ads, and we like to keep it this way. In a case of any change, we will update this document.



Disclosure of Information

The information we collect on our users serves us to provide the best game experience and to constantly improve our Service. We treat our user's information with utmost confidentiality. We do not sell, share or provide any of our user information to any third-party.
As described above, some information such as user's public Facebook name and photo, and personal game-statistics are disclosed publicly. However, we may disclose some or whole of our users information, in cases when we are required by local or international law, by court-order or search warrant, or in the good-faith belief that such step is necessary to comply with state and federal laws.



Changes to the Privacy Policy

The private policy of this document might be subjected to changes and amendments that take effective from the last update date, as appears at the beginning of this page. The most updated version is available at www.bgkingonline.com/privacy-policy. Please revisit this page to be aware of any updates. By continue using our Service you agree to this privacy policy.